This is OneLove

Welcome. I’m Yvonne Lumdsen.

yvonne lumsden one love

This is OneLove

Welcome. I’m Yvonne Lumdsen.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been deeply curious about people. Why are some people so confident, while others hide their true selves? How is it some people can find loving, nurturing relationships, while other people struggle with intimacy? What are the secrets to truly accepting who we are?

As an author, speaker and mentor I am passionate about creating more love and connection in the world – cultivating this in myself and others.

I’m known for being real and people say they feel safe with me – safe to be vulnerable in situations which could otherwise be challenging, particularly around the sensitive area of sexuality. I love to bring a balance of depth along with fun and joy in my work and through what I share.

This curiosity around what makes us tick led me down the path of nursing and into the world of mental health counselling. Now I work independently through one-on-one and group sessions.

I’ve had the honour of having worked with people for over 30 years, helping hundreds of people move through incredible challenges in their lives, from depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, and issues with intimacy.

I work intuitively with an innate ability to see beyond people’s outward words and actions to what they are not saying. Some would say I’m direct, I  believe it’s a simple desire to get to the bottom of things and seek out the truth.

OneLove is the culmination of my journey of self-discovery, learning and reflection. This is a place for you to explore what it means for you to be truly connected to yourself and others, and to discover your place in the world.

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How my journey began

In the past, my relationships were characterised by frustration, anger and hurt. The same tired arguments kept on coming up and I blamed others for how I was feeling.

It was only after discovering reiki, tantra and dance that I began to look inwards and discover the things that were holding me back. As I explored these new teachings and experienced profound changes, I began to work with other people to help guide them on a journey to better relationships with themselves and others.

I believe that deep relationships begin with vulnerability and loving one’s self

This includes building an intimate connection with your body, heart and soul.

Reiki, tantra and dance allowed me to see I am perfect as I am. I’ve found a freedom and trust in myself. My relationships are deeper and more real, based on mutual respect and authenticity – rather than trying to make others happy for the sake of keeping the peace. My creativity has also flourished far beyond what I knew was even inside me.

These practices have taught me how to let go of control and to be myself.

I know this is possible for you too.

On a personal note…

I live with Ian my partner of 20 years; my relationship has been one of my biggest teachers in my life! I was born in Scotland and left there when I was 18 to explore the world; it still remains a place dear to my heart. I love to walk, soak in mother nature or lose myself down my camera lens capturing flowers. We love to head to the snow with our boards, travel the world, enjoy delicious food, good films and snuggles if we’re not living room dancing or chasing each other with nerf guns!…

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How we can work together

Through Reiki sessions and classes, Kundalini dance, and tantric relationship mentoring, I help individuals and couples move forward in their current relationships, heal past trauma and discover a deeper sense of who they are.

The Heart of the Flower book is a work of passion that serves the purpose of allowing women (and men) to explore the beauty and diversity of the female anatomy and their own sexuality in a healthy and empowering way.

I’d love for you to uncover similar experiences so you can move beyond your current physical, mental and emotional blocks to love, acceptance and peace.

I look forward to walking beside you on your journey to healing and transformation.

With love
Yvonne xx

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