Relationship mentoring

The first relationship we have is with ourselves

Relationship mentoring is designed for both individuals and couples. It combines coaching, counselling and optional body-oriented processes to support you on your journey back home to yourself, your heart and others. These sessions offer a warm, safe space where you can be free to explore your own thoughts and feelings, free of judgement and criticism.

My processes will help feel happier, more peaceful, connected and present to have the life and relationships you’ve always wanted.

You will gain clarity and understanding of your unconscious behaviours and feelings and learn how to express yourself clearly and confidently. My work also calls on you to connect to your inner child, in order to heal old wounds and recapture the childlike sense of wonder, joy and playfulness.

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One-on-one mentoring
for women and men

Whether you are single or in a relationship, feeling disconnected from yourself can prevent you from truly engaging with other people and creating the connections and life you desire.

Perhaps you feel unhappy, lonely, stressed, anxious or ignored. Or you are longing for a meaningful romantic relationships but are unable to foster the right connection. Or you don’t feel confident to be yourself around others.

For people in a relationship, you may find yourself and your partner repeating the same arguments. Or you may find it painful, numb or unsatisfying when you have sex.

I can help you reveal these issues and lead you on a path to greater intimacy and more loving relationships.

Yvonne is truly amazing.

I walked into her life a frightened, scared, insecure little girl at the grand old age of 49.  I was filled with so much rage as I allowed life to just flow through me like a storm that I thought I had no control over. I realised that I allowed this to happen as it was preferable to what I was feeling deep down.  I have been to endless counselling for years and years and years for help in settling my out of control life to no avail. Yvonne was different. She welcomed me with open arms and made me feel safe. Yvonne didn’t allow me to waste my time going on and on like a broken record. Yvonne got to the crutch of the problem and gave me a toolset to enable me to feel my painful emotions, comfort them and regain control of my life. She could see what was best for me when I was too blinded to see. Thank you Yvonne. You have helped me to change my life.

I have just turned 50 and finally I have grown up. Life is now more fun, more exciting and more adventurous than it has ever been and best of all, deep down I am at peace. A wonderful knock on effect from me changing has been my relationship and communication with my 3 sons has become much lighter and happier – enjoying each others company more than we have in along time…

– Rebecca

Private mentoring for couples

You love each other and value your relationship, but are finding it hard to communicate and connect deeply? Are you arguing and feeling lonely when all you want is to be heard, loved and understood?

Relationships can be affected by stress, family demands, work or simply your own individual challenges. At some stage, all couples need support to reconnect and rediscover their love and sexual intimacy.

Through couples sessions, I help you:

  • Feel more present and connected in your relationship
  • Let go of feelings of shame, embarrassment and anxiety related to intimacy
  • Learn how to communicate your sexual desires and hear those of your partner
  • Discover the art of loving touch
  • Discover the feminine and masculine elements within yourself

Couples relationship mentoring is designed to help you grow closer together, enhance your communication, and deepen your sexual pleasure and enjoyment of sex. It is not mediation and both people need to be committed to the relationship continuing.

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As men, society teaches us that we need to be strong and resilient. We feel as though we must provide for and protect our families and loved ones and not show any signs of weakness. We get caught up in a cycle of shutting down our feelings and emotions while we work hard at “thinking” we need to meet everyone else’s expectations of us. I know I did! Yvonne provided support in a safe environment so that I could acknowledge my feelings, understand my hidden fears and guilt and how they impacted on my relationships with loved ones. We worked through ways to listen more to my “gut” and feel comfortable to open up and communicate my feelings not only to myself but to others. 
As a result, my relationship with my wife and children is more treasured as we focus our time on enjoying each other’s company and the things that really matter.
I feel very thankful to have spent time with Yvonne learning more about myself in a safe place where I have grown to feel more relaxed and confident with who I am as a man.

– John

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Tantra Melbourne: Relationship and sexuality coaching

Tantra is one tool that I use in relationship mentoring to enhance the connection you feel with yourself, with your partner, and with others.

Tantra as a practice is about being present and conscious in each moment. As a healing modality, it can be incredibly powerful to help with a range of challenges related to relationships, intimacy and connection with self.

You do not have to be in a relationship to benefit from tantra. And tantric practice and learning does not have to involve body-work or being unclothed.

As we progress through our coaching sessions, we may move to physical bodywork for further healing and transformation. These sessions are only carried out once the foundations and boundaries have been established.

If you’re interested in Tantric bodywork, chat with me about how it can be used to complement private session work.

Relationship mentoring

I am passionate about supporting you to deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you. I have found from many years of practice that lasting personal change requires consistency and commitment.

Working with a mentor offers the opportunity to help you gain clarity, heal past traumas and create deep, personal and lasting change for the future.

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Booking a session

Private sessions are available online and in-person.

Sessions are available world-wide via Zoom video call.

** For all enquires regarding Tantra, it’s essential we connect over the phone first. Sessions may only be booked following an initial telephone conversation. Please contact me on 0411 310 193 (international +61 411 310 193).

Just for You

Relationship Mentoring Session 

90 min $180

Payment plans available

For You and Your Beloved

Relationship Mentoring Session

90 min Couples $220

120 min Couples $250

Payment plans available

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