Dear woman, I invite you to come home to you and awaken to your deep feminine essence

Now I’m going to ask you some personal questions, and I know some of these won’t be easy to answer. Courage and honesty is where you need to start if the change you seek in your relationships is going to happen. The change is possible.

  • Are you feeling awkward, self conscious in your own body?
  • Do you have pain or numbness when you are having sex?
  • Has sex become a chore in your relationship?
  • Is pleasure missing from your life?
  • Are you single and looking to attract your perfect partner?
  • Do you feel disconnected to your own body and live in your head?
  • You’ve done the work, but still have a deep feeling or a sense that something is missing that you can’t quite put your finger on?

Are you ready to discover the secret to turning this all around?

Come join an intimate group of women and Journey into the Yoniverse!

“Yoni” which loosely means in Sanskrit, divine passage, my preferred name for vagina/vulva – the door way to your womb, place of deep presence, wisdom, intuition and creativity, all is birthed from here.

tantra fitzroy

Journey into the Yoniverse – A Rite of Passage for Women

May 30
 – 6:30 pm

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Workshop inclusions

Weaving a sweet blend of education, dance and creativity, we’ll spend a day together slowing down to the rhythm of the heart and becoming present to all that is. This is a journey to receiving more pleasure and understanding all that’s holding you back from deeper connection and intimacy in your life.

During this juicy workshop you’ll reconnect with your womb, pleasure, fun, creativity and divine essence. We’ll also explore:

  • Activating the body using the alchemical keys of Kundalini Dance

  • The tantric poles within our body – as women we are wired differently to men – discover how this influences love making!

  • The Primal mind, intimacy and fear – the stuff that gets in way of us having more fun and joy in our life!

  • Relationship dynamics and core wounding

  • Anatomy & physiology of the wondrous yoni

  • Feeling deeply connected to your women’s body, perhaps in a way you have never experience before!

I wanted to deepen my relationship with myself as a woman and find more acceptance of my body, from my Journey into the Yoniverse, I discovered just that and more.

I feel I have met myself again on a whole new level, with deeper understanding and compassion for me as a woman and my beautiful inner child – this day was like a healing balm for my soul instead of criticising everything I see, I am learning to love all that’s within me – such a deeply healing and joyful experience. I feel like I’ll still be learning things from this workshop months from now… Thank you Yvonne x

– Chloe

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Tea, coffee, drinks and snacks are provided.

Included in this Rite of Passage you will receive, a signed copy of my book Heart of the Flower the book of yonis (value $60)

EARLY BIRD available ’til 16th May $347. Full price $447.

Healing Delight
219 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North

tantra fitzroy

Journey into the Yoniverse – A Rite of Passage for Women

May 30
 – 6:30pm

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