Kundalini Dance Melbourne

Dance to set yourself free

Kundalini Dance™ is a form of ecstatic dance and a powerful, shamanic, alchemical transformational tool for self-healing and personal growth. Using your authentic sound, movement and tantric breath practices you will be guided through your own transformational process into a deeper state of presence.

Reclaim your power

Open your body as love

Purify your emotional body

Awaken higher consciousness

Integrate positive life change

… with Kundalini Dance!

kundalini dance melbourne

As you dance and move, so will your life in more ways than you can imagine. Each experience of Kundalini is different and the more you do it, the more integrated the essence of Kundalini becomes in your everyday life.

Kundalini Dance consistently gives great results and helps people with a range of issues from stress, anxiety, self-confidence, disconnection, fear or feeling blocked, stuck or alone. OR maybe you just want a place to dance, express and be free!

This is NOT about learning dance moves, you do not need any previous dance experience – anyone can do it!

kundalini dance melbourne

After the Intro dance, I felt so elated, like I’d never felt before. In the past, dancing hasn’t been my favourite activity. I’ve been shy and had a limiting belief about my skills as a dancer. I listened to a little voice inside and decided to dive in as I was keen to feel more of what I’d felt before. Before I started dancing, I had a desire to stand more in my authentic power and speak my truth, I was just waiting for something to draw this out to me, and that’s exactly what the Kundalini dance series has done!

The 7-week dance series has been incredible! SO MUCH has changed for me – the inner shifts that I’ve experienced due to showing up week after week and releasing blockages surrounded each of my chakras have been phenomenal. After participating in the dance, I feel like I’m now able to take risks more easily, take life and myself less seriously and be a child again. I’ve connected with my inner child like never before!

I feel more connected to me and others, I’ve started to love and respect myself more due to this dance. I feel braver, more confident and happier to be my natural self.  I’m living life more fully – so liberating!

– Sanya

What is Kundalini Dance?

Kundalini Dance™ was created by Leyolah Antara in 1997 and has been taught and practised globally since then. It is a unique form of dance that invites participants to explore a shamanic art form in a safe, non-judgmental space.

More than a dance, Kundalini Dance is a spiritual practice for the courageous soul who is willing to let go of control, surrender and dive deep into themselves. In this practice you will learn to become more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

“Kundalini has remained a secret for so long as it cannot be understood, it can only be experienced”
– Carl Jung

Upcoming Kundalini Dance classes

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