Kundalini Dance

Dance to set yourself free

The Embodied Art of Transformation

Kundalini Dance™ is more than just a dance. It is a powerful, transformational revolutionary practise for self-healing and personal growth and awakening.

Using your authentic sound, movement and tantric breath practices you will be guided through your own transformational process into a deeper state of presence.

Heal past trauma, patterns in relationships and live the life you were born to live!…

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In this 7 week series you will:

  • Reclaim your power
  • Open your body as love
  • Purify your emotional body
  • Awaken higher consciousness
  • Integrate positive life change

“Within the 7 weeks I have transformed my life and my being.”
– Polia

Emotional Alchemy

Kundalini Dance™ teaches us to become our own emotional alchemist. In this powerful series your will heal past traumas and patterns in relationships that have blocked your energy and expression. As we work our way up through the chakra system from root to crown, you will undergo a series of personal transformations and healings.

As you dance and move, so will your life in more ways than you can imagine. Each experience of Kundalini is different and the more you move with this life force energy, the more integrated the essence of Kundalini becomes in your everyday life.

Kundalini Dance consistently gives great results and helps people with a range of issues from stress, anxiety, self-confidence, disconnection, fear or feeling blocked, stuck or alone. OR maybe you just want a place to dance, express and be free!

You will also receive:

  • An overview of the chakras and a chakra self-assessment guide for your personal use. Insightful tools for your journey ahead.

  • Weekly emails with your own personal chakra journal – in-depth writings covering the psychology of each chakra, and powerful reflective questions to assist in the integration of your experience.

  • Music playlists for you to dance to, relevant to the chakra we’re dancing each week.


“Joining the Kundalini Dance floor was one of the most rewarding & beautiful things I have ever experienced… I have never felt more seen & loved xx”
– Ayla

“Kundalini Dance helped me unleash and give myself permission for the wild woman to awaken and dance freely.”
– Tracey

“Since Kundalini Dance I feel a stronger connection and relationship with myself.”
– David

“Kundalini Dance help me free my soul and awaken my spirit, by consciously moving my body, I became more in touch with myself and others.”
– Sharon

“Since dancing Kundalini Dance, SO MUCH has shifted for me, I feel more self-aware, life feels richer and communicating with others is much easier than before.”
– Chloe

What is Kundalini Dance?

Kundalini Dance™ was created by Leyolah Antara in 1997 and has been taught and practised globally since then. It is a unique form of dance that invites participants to explore a shamanic tantric art form in a safe, non-judgmental space.

This is for the courageous soul who is willing to let go of control, surrender and dive deep into themselves and the rewards you receive can be beyond words!

“Kundalini has remained a secret for so long as it cannot be understood, it can only be experienced” – Carl Jung

kundalini dance melbourne

Getting Started

Kundalini Dance™

Kundalini Dance consistently gives great results and helps people with a range of issues from stress, anxiety, self-confidence, disconnection, fear or feeling blocked, stuck or alone. OR maybe you just want a place to dance, express and be free!

kundalini dance melbourne
kundalini dance melbourne

Kundalini Dance –
Introduction Night

1st July 2021
@ 7pm
– 9.45pm

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Kundalini Dance – 7 Week Transformational Journey

8 July – 19 August 2021
@ 7pm – 10pm


Upcoming Kundalini Dance Class Details

Come dip your toes in the water of this amazing, heartfelt practice and begin your Kundalini Dance journey.

Introduction Night

Thursday 1st July 2021
7.00 pm – 9.45 pm AEST


7 Week Transformational Journey

Thursday’s from 8th July – 19th August 7 pm – 10 pm AEST

Ashtanga Yoga Centre
110-112 Argyle St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
(Google Map)

What to wear & bring:
Loose comfy clothes, layers work well, your water bottle, and your beautiful self!

New Dancers: $450

Return Dancers: $350
(if you have completed a KD series with me before)

OR Payment Plan:
3 x $166 (T&C’s apply)

This is a closed group and places are limited to create an intimate and sacred space for our journey together.

* if you’re brand new to Kundalini Dance, this is a powerful and deep process. Prior to booking in, let’s connect first if you are pregnant or dealing with a physical or mental health issue. We’ll arrange a 10-minute chat to make sure the practice and the 7-week journey is a fit for you at this time.


In the event that the course or any classes cannot be run in person due to COVID restrictions – no problems, the dance will go on! I will teach the classes online. If live online doesn’t work for you, a recording of each class will be provided for you to dance in your own time.

If any part of the course is online, there will be an additional online 90 min question & answer session included upon completion of the course. 

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Discover the seven chakras

Discover the seven chakras and learn how you can embody each chakra for enhanced energy flow and healing in our free chakra guide and self-assessment.

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