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Heartfelt, engaging speaker and facilitator

As a relationship mentor, author and facilitator, Yvonne shares her expertise on sexuality, relationships and personal healing with enthusiasm and openness.

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Yvonne is available to speak at conferences and events on a range of topics:

what is love

What Is Love?

This intriguing and eye-opening talk explores what it means to love ourselves and to love others. In this talk, Yvonne helps attendees explore their own fears and perceived limitations, and offers guidance on how to connect with ourselves from a place of love, compassion and understanding.

tantra healing

Sexuality and Tantra

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Tantra. As a practice, Tantra is about being present in the moment and our feelings. When applied to sexuality, Tantra encourages us to become fully connected to our own sexual energy so we can be present to another’s, allowing sexual intimacy to become a deeply spiritual experience.

This presentation aims to demystify Tantra and allow attendees to apply it to their own experiences, whether in a relationship or single.

yvonne lumsden learn reiki melbourne

About Yvonne Lumsden

Yvonne is a Reiki Master, Kundalini dance facilitator, relationship mentor and photographer. Originally from Scotland, Yvonne has travelled around the world speaking at sexuality conferences, facilitating workshops and retreats,  guiding individuals and couples to develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

With more than 30 years as a General and Mental Health nurse, Yvonne’s approach is grounded in results and offers practical tools to shift and heal emotional and physical wounding.

Through sessions, classes, workshops and retreats, attendees experience a greater understanding of themselves and get to know what’s really going on.  They leave feeling calm, confident and empowered with a deeper connection with themselves and more loving communication with others.

Yvonne’s innovative book Heart of the Flower: The Book of Yonis is an inspirational, provocative and educational work that celebrates the female body and challenges sexual taboos.

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