De-armouring Bodywork

Release, reclaim and to step into your light

Our bodies can unconsciously hold past hurts, unhelpful emotions and experiences, preventing us from fully experiencing the love and joy of life. When layered on each other, these feelings create dark spots of energy in our energy field leaving us feeling tired, flat, anxious, irritable and cause us to be over-protective and fearful when it comes to relationships, life and new experiences.

De-armouring is a process of removing these dark spots to enable your light to better shine through. During your private session, I’ll apply pressure to particular areas of the body, while guiding you to consciously use your breath, sound and movement to allow release.

As you enter into a deep state of presence, relaxation and surrender during your session, you may feel your body soften and open more to love and receptive of greater life-force and sexual energy.

While these sessions do involve physical touch, this type of bodywork does not include genital touch.

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When I first met Yvonne, I didn’t understand what she did or how she did it. I initially made an appointment out of curiosity but had no genuine ‘need’ for it. One day, however, I experienced an unexpected fear meltdown and Yvonne fit me in to her day. I walked in a blubbering mess and she encouraged me to release the emotion and feel my way through it.

In every session, I experienced a deep sense of comfort, along with an awareness of why I was reacting the way I was and how to move past it. I booked a package so that I could continue with the good things I was experiencing. Over the course, I learned about myself and was able to see some other things that were impacting on my life which could definitely do with some realignment. I now have a better relationship with my sons and much more effective boundaries for looking after myself. Yvonne basically put me in touch with myself and gently guided me to do the work I needed to do. She equipped me with the tools to heal myself when issues get the better of me.

Yvonne is a real healer. Her respect for her clients is sacred, with unshakable confidentiality and zero judgement of whatever is causing pain, but a warning; she takes no prisoners. Working with Yvonne can be incredibly uncomfortable but it’s necessary discomfort. Again, trust that you will emerge lighter and freer. (And THAT’S what you came for.)

– Gina

Tantric Genital Massage & Yoni Mapping

An invitation to connect deeply with yourself

Just like any other part of our body, our genitals can hold both physical and psychological pain and tension. This tension can show itself in many ways, leading to feeling disconnected with our body and our own desires.

In ancient Sanskrit, Yoni is the term for the female genitalia, which is loosely translated as ‘divine or sacred passage’. Lingam is the term for the penis, meaning ‘wand of light’. Sacred genital massage is an invitation to connect deeply with your body.

Before your healing session begins, we’ll talk about the specific elements you wish to explore. This is different for everyone and may include one, or a combination of:

  • Physical work such as relaxing pelvic tension, vaginismus, relieving pain or numbness when having sex, or addressing premature ejaculation or erection problems.

  • Emotional work such as addressing past sexual trauma, healing the pain and trauma from termination or miscarriage, or addressing uncomfortable emotions such as shame.

  • Self-care practice to create a more loving relationship with your Yoni or Lingam.

These sessions are intended to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own body, so you may experience more pleasure. This work will also help you to create loving boundaries with regards to sex and intimacy, and your life in general.

*  This is deeply intimate work and is not a stand-alone treatment for sexual trauma & will only be considered after I have had mentoring sessions with you. 

Making a booking

I like to have a conversation first with all my clients before booking in for a session, to see how I can best help and to ensure I am the person you are looking for.

If you’d like to find out more about emotional de-armouring or Tantric genital massage, contact me and we can arrange a time to talk.