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For full details about this training, head to the Sacred Medicine: Cacao + Tantra page.

This is your invitation dive into more intimate connection with your self and others in a safe and sacred space – a place to be yourself with like-hearted people and expand in love, bliss and connectivity!

In a series of playful and practical processes you’ll explore:

  • masculine and feminine polarities inside your body
  • healthy boundaries and honouring the self in sex and connection
  • the art of giving and receiving touch
  • your own natural purity and unique sensual / sexual essence
  • deep relaxation, embodiment, awareness and presence
  • Third Eye Chakra activation – enhancing your intuition and nourishing your pineal and pituitary glands

This afternoon is for both singles and couples. It’s perfect for those starting out on their Tantra journey and for seasoned travellers. You’ll remain fully clothed throughout the workshop.

The essence of Tantra is about slowing things down, where intimate connection becomes more than just a physical experience. By becoming anchored to your own sexual and sensual energy, you can be fully present to another’s. Then, intimacy becomes an art and a life-changing, deeply spiritual experience.

Cacao is a heart opening shamanic journeying tool used to facilitate conscious journeys to connect to the spirit world and has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years.

** Please note that cacao is contraindicated if you have a heart condition and / or are currently taking anti-depressant medication. You’re still welcome to come and enjoy the afternoon though! If you have any concerns or questions please contact me personally.**

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