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This is your invitation to explore the tantric shamanic art of Kundalini Dance complimented by the sacred medicine of CACAO. This afternoon is all about recharging your batteries, balancing mind, body and spirit bringing you back home to LOVE.

Cacao is a heart opening shamanic journeying tool used to facilitate conscious journeys to connect to the spirit world and has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years.

Full of antioxidants, anti-ageing properties, this promotes cardio vascular health by lowering blood pressure. Cacao also contains essential minerals such as magnesium to assist the relaxation of every muscle in our body and most importantly, our heart muscle.

This nourishing elixir acts as a natural anti-depressant increasing serotonin and endorphins in the brain. Cacao reduces PMS symptoms, increases mental clarity and promotes relaxation. No wonder it is called the ‘Food of the Gods!”

Weaving the sacred keys of Kundalini Dance with Ceremonial Cacao is a match made in heaven! Together they will help your precious body in softening, relaxing and opening to the energy of Kundalini.  

** Please note that cacao is contraindicated if you have a heart condition and / or are currently taking anti-depressant medication. I’d love for you to still come along and enjoy this delicious event. If you have any concerns or questions please contact me personally.**

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