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This is a workshop about vaginas! Yes that’s right, vaginas (although I personally prefer the word “Yoni” which means in Sanskrit, divine passage). This day is all about YOU dear woman…

Most women who have attended before came in…
Feeling at times shut down and disconnect to themselves, their feelings, sensuality, feeling they are more like a man than a woman! Or they feel a general lack of confidence within themselves that shows up in areas of their life. They may have “done” other things and there’s an inner knowing that there is something different for them, but don’t quite know what that is or how to “get there”

and will leave….
Feeling awakened and soooo much lighter, vibrant, more peaceful, happier and confident in their own skin to be themselves….. A remembering of who you are…

During this juicy workshop you’ll reconnect with your womb, pleasure, fun, creativity and divine essence. We’ll also explore:

  • activating the body using the alchemical keys of Kundalini Dance
  • the tantric poles within our body – as women we are wired differently to men – discover how this influences love making!
  • the Primal mind, intimacy and fear – the stuff that gets in way of us having more fun and joy in our life!
  • relationship dynamics and core wounding
  • anatomy & physiology of the wondrous yoni
  • feeling deeply connected to your women’s body, in a way perhaps you have never experience before!

Since menopause I have struggled with changes to my body and arousal. From Journeying into the Yoniverse, I was blown away by this beautiful, loving safe space to truly discover myself as a woman. I feel I can now live my life more from a place of love and presence than fear. – Fiona

Tea, coffee, drinks and snacks are provided. Please bring a plate to share for a light picnic lunch.

10.00 am – 6.30 pm (arrival 9.45am)

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